Position: honorary chairman

We collect  surplus food of producers, wholesalers and big stores and transport it  into two wareouses.   There we prepare  a balanced assortment for 101 „stores“ in all parts of Switzerland and  distribute it to people in need. The organisation consists of a small professional management team, a fleet oft trucks and above all over 2300 volunteers who distribute over 12 Million meals a year.



Position: chairman

Founder and chairman of “STIFTUNG SEESCHAU” based in Erlenbach ZH (promotion of art and culture, maintenance of Swiss customs for the long-term, spiritual and physical well-being and development of people through supporting development cooperation projects, understanding and knowledge of different religions).



Position: sole shareholder

Development and modernisation of the only and oldest inn (1565) in an important Engadine village in collaboration with GAMAG.




With the CD Beyond Regula Curti, Tina Turner and Dechen Shak-Dagsay show with Christian Chorals, Buddhist Mantras and Spiritual Messages, that different religious traditions have common roots and still keep their own identity. The artists work for free and all their proceeds from the Sales of this CD go to Spiritual Education Programs for Children and Youth.  The CD reached platinum status in 2010. Under the title CHILDREN BEYOND, the three singers have released their second album in October 2011. In June 2014, a third cd was launched which is distributed worldwide by Universal / Deutsche Grammophon.

The aim of this project  is to make a contribution for peace and tolerance. Together with 30 children from different cultures and nations, the three singers have recorded sung versions of twelve prayers and mantras from the religions Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Sikhism.



The magical sounds of songs and the rituals of the cow-bells still define everyday life for the shepherds and alpine farmers of the Toggenburg region. The film follows a farmer, musician and shepherd and a farmer’s wife during their year’s work. The rituals of the bells and the natural sounds of yodelling, together with the making of a decorative bell, cast by the last bell-maker in the Alps, carry the viewer into a seemingly foreign world of sound such as you would only expect to find on a different continent, while being barely an hour’s drive away from Zurich.



Round about the Säntis mountain, bells – both for the cows and to accompany farmers’ singing – are an important element of the area’s traditional customs. Now that the last bell foundry has closed down, farmers no longer have anywhere to buy traditional bells. The Foundation, together with supporters in Alt St.Johann finances the acquisition of a  building and help to convert it into a bell foundry. It is crucial that there is someone who knows the age-old secrets of bell casting and will then be able to use the building and the foundry. In this way the Foundation helps to preserve an important part of our cultural heritage.


Sun da l’Engiadina

The SEESCHAU Foundation has commissioned the SEESCHAU Therapy and Education Centre to work with the Engadin folk group “Fränzlis da Tschlins“ to record and publish a CD of lounge and meditation music. The Foundation hopes to put the many international tourists who visit the Engadin in a good mood with cheerful music from the region. A combination of Swiss tradition and the spirit of the times.


Shechen Medical Centre & Mobile Clinic, Tibet

Creation of a medical centre and mobile clinic to provide better medical care for the Tibetan people, including support, expertise and self-help.



Position: friend and patron