Agnes Martin - "Plum Tree", 1985
Giovanni Giacometti - "Speisesaal des Hotel Palace St. Moritz", 1927
Bridget Riley - "Encircling Discs with Grey in Grey to Black Sequence", 1970
Jason Martin - "Oceania", 2006
Giovanni Giacometti - "Alter Weiser Mann", 1907
Fabienne Verdier - "Paysage de l'Oberland a la tonibce du jour III", 2008
Louise Lawler - "Pink and Yellow and Black I (Red Disaster)", 1999
Andy Warhol - "Large Cow", 1980
Augusto Giacometti - "Namenlose Freude", 1910
Augusto Giacometti - "Mauerpfeffer", 1911
Georgia O'Keeffe - "Abstraction-Alexius", 1928
Olaf Breuning - Photo Collection
Agnes Martin - "Unbeckoning Grass", 1958
Andy Warhol - "Julia Warhola" (Mutter von Andy Warhol), 1974
Yayoi Kusama - No. 12.0.QH., 1956
Yayoi Kusama - No.28.A,SH, 1956


Art and entrepreneurial activities have in common that they foresee future trends and express them either in pieces of art or in entrepreneurial projects. That’s the reason that many successful entrepreneurs are, at the same time, interested in the world of the arts. As no entrepreneur can be in all businesses at the same time, he also has to give some focus to his collection of arts.

The current collection comprises two differently themed collection areas ranging from modern to contemporary art and exhibited in the two locations La Punt in the Upper Engadine and Erlenbach near Zurich.

La Punt

Next to its main focus on ‘the Giacometti Family’, Chesa Merleda is exhibiting works themed around the Swiss mountain regions, animals and landscapes, whose compositions are also dedicated to the changing perception of natural beauty. Sporadically changing exhibitions from the Engadin collection paired with external loans take place at the neighbouring hotel Gasthaus Krone.

Artists in La Punt:
Matthew Barney, Peter Robert Berry, Augusto Giacometti, Alberto Giacometti, Giovanni Giacometti, Paul Klee, Louise Lawler, Jason Martin, Qui Shihua, Louis Sutter, Albert Steiner, Paul Strand, Not Vital, Andy Warhol


The focus of the Erlenbach collection is international and centred around forms of artistic expression of the female art of combining life and art, intuitively and authentically, and in part by withdrawal into themselves.
The two positions are clearly meant to complement each other in the individual works. On the one hand, they are intended to be recognisable as female art, i.e. the artwork should be narrative, mystical, sensitive, intuitive and authentic. On the other hand, each exhibit is meant to mirror the individual artist’s personality.

Artists in Erlenbach:
Louise Bourgeois, Candida Hoefer, Rebecca Horn, Yayoi Kusama, Agnes Martin, Georgia O’Keeffe, Fabienne Verdier, Bridget Riley