About Beat Curti

Having had ups and down in private and in business life, some experiences repeated itself and rules of life developed. Less is more means focus on fewer projects and persons. Above all health and family.
The feeling I cultivate most: gratefulness. Awakening in the morning, I am greatefull for waking-up. During the day I thank for each situation,  thus transforming even tiny details into  unique and valuable miracles. Each event  has  aspects we can learn from.

Being privileged having everything I desire, I arrived in the phase of life where sharing is a must: Our talents, our network, our positive thoughts and words, our fearless truth, our time, attention and appreciation. I try to practice unconditional giving, helping without the slightest thought of getting anything back personally. If possible for persons and projects who make our world a better place. My „teacher“  is Andrew Carnegie who wrote 1906 in his gospel of wealth: „I decided to stop accumulating wealth and begin the infinitely more serious and difficult task of wise distribution“.

Regular exercise in home fitness room maintaining weight, muscles and balance, golf, rowing, cross-country-skiing.

Collecting contemporary art focussing on artists from Graubünden in our house of La Punt and woman artists in Erlenbach. Weekly piano lessons and regular playing alone and with friends. Visit of operas and concerts in Zurich, Lucerne and Salzburg.

Religious and Spiritual Pursuits
Meditation, prayers and yoga. Projects which help foster a peaceful dialog between religions and cultures.