Professional Biography

After studying economics in Lausanne, followed by a post graduate in Harvard and 6 years for McKinsey in the USA, Europa and Asia, acting as entpreneur and creating consumer-near companies has been the center of my professional life. Engaging new markets and creating jobs using a company philosophy that’s all about it’s people has resulted in 28 companies and over 10’000 jobs.
Entrepreneurial focus has always been broad, with concentration on retail and media business. Names include: Pick-Pay, Prodega, Transgourmet, Import Parfumerie, Bataillard, Bilanz, Beobachter, Radio NRG, Bolero and Starbucks. All of those still exist within their current owners and are looking towards a sustainable future, which has always been important to me.

After the sale in 2003 of the Bon-Appetit group with its traditional focus on Switzerland and its heavy investments in goods, shop premises, HGVs and warehouses, my present focus goes towards light, digital, electronic and international.ald


Present Businesses


Position: founder, majority shareholder and vice chairman

Leading multimedia marketing company of all electronic media in Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe. Goldbach Media has moved away from printing plants and the paper of print media to radio, TV and online advertisement in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Eastern Europe.



Position: vice-chairman, active partner

Global leader in software lifecycle management and cloud enabler with offices in 84 countries.
KKR having joined as 25 percent partner allows continuing growth and adaption to more demanding client needs.


Position: board of directors, partner

Warehouses in strategically well-placed locations are suitable for favourably priced office and business premises. The running of 2 business units/warehouses in Burgdorf and Ebikon.


Alt Züri AG

Position: 100% ownership

Focussing on most important historical corner of Zuerich “Hotel Marktgasse” with 40 rooms, two restaurants, takeout and trendy bar filled a market need for young people with quality/price sensitivity. Together with quality/price champion in textiles, COS, interior design of “Changemaker” and newsstand, the area has made a joyful change. All 14 appartements are occupied by true fans of old town living.