Beyond Music

A music platform connecting people and cultures

Beyond Music seeks to go further, promoting respect and understanding between cultures through music. In a first step, Regula Curti produced four CDs and contributed her vocals to the records. With the platform she enables musicians from all over the world to understand each other, to network and to make music with each other. Digital possibilities and the Internet enable personal collaboration at new scales in these exciting times of technological innovation.

«And now, all together»

Das Magazin, 11.01.2020

Playing Music

Since my youth I have been playing the piano and still take regular music lessons. Recently I took some conducting lessons. As the culmination, I was able to conduct the famous Tonhalle Orchestra in Zurich’s Maag Halle on April 12, 2019 an unforgettable experience.


Art Collector


In search of quality and beauty

For years I have been collecting mainly female artists. An inventory ten years ago showed that two thirds of my artwork were created by women – despite the fact that only a small fraction of works at auctions and exhibitions during that time were created by female artists. I decided to focus on women’s art from then on, fully convinced that women have at least the same artistic abilities as men.

Today, it has become apparent that many collectors and museums also give the creative works of women equal weight. Probably the most important trend in art in recent years has been “the woman”.