Marktgasse Zürich

At the heart of Old Town Zurich

Since the Middle Ages, the Marktgasse has been the most important central passage between Niederdorf and the city district to the left side of the Limmat. As a student, I fell in love with this quarter. When the opportunity arose to acquire real estate that had fallen in disrepair at this location, I bought it with the aim of revitalizing and beautifying this historically important nexus for the future. Elegant, price-conscious, and young, this elevated locale is once again a magnet with a myriad of offerings.

House with juice bar, newsstand and Changemaker

In the meantime, my new “space” comprises the Hotel Marktgasse with Bistro delish, Restaurant Baltho, three properties with inexpensive apartments, the shops COS and Changemaker as well as a kiosk, which together offer a chic, alluring variety. An attractive price-performance ratio is the top priority.


La Punt

A place to fall in love with

La Punt am Inn is a place of power that has always attracted me. My first investment: Gasthaus Krone, founded in 1565, one of the oldest guesthouses in the Engadine. This gem was about to be converted into apartments. The newly designed, sophisticated three-star Hotel is surrounded by Merleda, the 17th century patrician house of the Albertini family and the most photographed residence of its kind in the Bündner Hochtal, as well as Café Burdun and the Grond Furnaria bakery. But more effort is needed to craft a sustainable center of life in the Alps. Together with Sir Norman Foster, perhaps the world’s most renowned architect, we are currently planning the complex. The project enjoys an approval rating of 88 percent with the local population. We intend to create a digital future for the whole Engadine, without jeopardizing the history and character of La Punt.

Hotel & Restaurant Krone with Café Burdun and bakery Grond Furnaria

Burdun is a cozy café and will be preserved this way. It glows as a cherished meeting point for people. In past times the adjoining bakery was an attraction for the whole area. On Sundays people were standing in line at the door to buy the best bread in the region. Our goal is to offer just that: fresh, special-quality baked goods again for a clientele between Samedan and Zernez.

Inn-Hub La Punt by Norman Foster

Compared to other mountain destinations in Switzerland and especially Austria, the Engadine has massively lost ground. The local population is declining and most villages are becoming near-deserted. We want to create new jobs and innovation outside of tourism. The Inn-Hub offers a center of innovative learning, working and getting together in an attractive environment alongside sportive offerings: running, cycling, and cross-country skiing. The Norman Foster Foundation, which spearheads the creation of new spaces and design of the future, is a partner and also ensures tailor-made architecture.



House of sacred arts – Living and working under one roof

The Seeschau is a stylish yoga and therapy center in Erlenbach on Lake Zurich. Approximately 150 yogi and yogini visit the retreat each week. The complex is designed by internationally renowned garden architect Günther Vogt and offers an unparalleled view of the lake, thus creating an atmosphere of creativity, meditation and healing. For larger events, the main building can increase the overall space. A gigantic sequoia tree, planted in 1850 and today the second tallest in Switzerland, functions as Seeschau’s symbol.