The personal Website of Beat Curti

I was born into a family with an ardent passion for business, and have remained a joyful, lifelong entrepreneur. I can’t imagine a more rewarding career.

And the journey continues.


Creativity meets real estate business

We want to create new habitats for future generations. Structures that form a living whole. I try to manifest this vision in my current projects: Marktgasse Zurich, La Punt in the Engadine, and Seeschau Erlenbach.


Making new things possible

Entrepreneurship means responsibility. I actively invest in order to help, shape, inspire, and take responsibility for employees, customers and shareholders. As a committed investor, it is my top priority to ensure that a company ultimately is transferred into the best possible hands.


Networking musicians & Art collector

Art gives joy to life. Art is a source of inspiration and transcends beyond material considerations to a point greater than the sum of its parts. Collecting art and enjoying music are passions of mine that go back to my youth. In this pursuit I have been intuitively guided by quality. Currently, I am especially interested in the music platform of my wife Regula: Beyond Music.


Shared joy is double joy

Andrew Carnegie, the richest man of his day, once said, “The man who dies rich, dies disgraced.” I do not see giving away as a compulsory duty or even an obligation. To stand up for others is rather a personal enrichment. For years we have invested a third of our income into such works for the common good.

Shared joy is double joy. However, clear goals and professional handling is crucial for a successful implementation of a plan of this scale. It is also important to bring the needs of the chosen goal and the financial and organizational possibilities into a long-term balance.